Sycamore Level 2

- 50 pax


Sycamore Suite's Level 2 is a haven of smart luxury, with tasteful and intelligent design that creates a sense of refinement and sophistication. The space includes a skylight roof infusing a sense of grandeur, an exquisite indoor landscape area, meeting rooms, a bar counter with a beer tap, and a full karaoke set for a memorable social experience. And when it's time to dine, the flexible meeting rooms can be easily transformed into elegant dining spaces allowing the entire Level 2 to comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests. Come experience the perfect blend of functionality and luxury at Sycamore Suite's Level 2.


Half Day

9am - 1pm
2pm - 6pm

Full Day

9am - 6pm

Evening Access

7pm - 12am


**Rates listed are introductory and excludes SST charges.