Sycamore Level 3

- 50 pax


Sycamore Suite’s Level 3 provides the perfect blend of premium functionality and welcoming ambience, boasting two large meeting rooms, including a 16-pax Boardroom with modern teleconferencing systems and ample writing surfaces, as well as an island kitchen bar and complete cooking facilities, this space is ideal for hosting important business meetings and commemorating key milestones. Elevate your evening to a truly premium and unforgettable experience with a personalized dining option, curated and crafted by your personal chef to delight your guests and leave a lasting impression. With a skylight roof and lush indoor plants, you'll find a sense of calm that makes the city's hustle and bustle more bearable.


Half Day

9am - 1pm
2pm - 6pm

Full Day

9am - 6pm

Evening Access

7pm - 12am


**Rates listed are introductory and excludes SST charges.